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Monads in JavaScript

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Piotr Kowalski

Where am I?


Short reminder:

What's monad?

The Monadic Laws

Eternal question:

If jQuery
is a monad?

jQuery (chaining) is not a monad

            $ ('div')
                  .addClass ('foo')
                  .text ('bar')
            $('div') // return jQuery object
            $($($('div'))) // returns the same

Simple Monad definition

                function wrap(value) {
                    return function () {
                        return value;

                function bind(monad, f) {
                    return f(monad());
                var monad = wrap('cookie');
                bind(monad, (value) => {
                    return wrap(value);
                monad = bind(monad, (value) => {
                    return wrap({ type: value });
                bind(monad, (value) => {

Monads Types


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